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Versatile systems should provide the maximum options in the shortest possible time of execution. It is useless to have a lot of possibilities if they are expensive and difficult to install. The secret is a rational automation system. Neither too complicated, for it would then be difficult for both operation and maintenance, nor too basic or manual, since it would require an army of workers for operation. Years of experience with telescopic platforms allow us to provide advice about the fittest and most suitable solutions, thus avoiding exorbitant investments or underachieving solutions. As always, the ideal solution must meet the required payback in the shortest possible term.

In the definition of versatility, when connected with telescopic bleachers, two basic factors have a lot of impact: First, it is necessary to adapt the measures of the set to the room designed by the Architect, since it has effect on the restrictions concerning audience circulation and on the dimensions taken into account for the deployment and storage of all tiers; the second expression of versatility is obtained when the platforms can also be displaced. It is with regard to this second factor where Alismobile engineering stands out, with the development of new and creative systems, some of them proprietary. Similar configurations based on fixed modules provide comparable solutions, but at a much higher cost. That is the reason why Alismobile has developed its proprietary mobile system (IMS *).


Although telescopic bleachers have historically been used for sports facilities, the evolution to cultural spaces, theater or conference halls require more demanding finishes, with a less visible, less scaffolding-like structure. Alismobile, as shown in the images, specializes in adapting platform systems to the architectural capacity, caring very much about finishes compatible with the context and the request of the architect. The exquisite finishes and the creative engineering make it difficult to the public to distinguish whether the structure that supports the seats is mobile or fixed pavement. This factor, plus the enhanced strength and stiffness of the structures designed by Alismobile, give a special character to the telescopic bleachers we design.